Join us!

Dear loyal friends and followers,

Librarian Libations is on indefinite hiatus. We had a great 7 years sharing libations with the librarians of New York! Inevitably, our lives have become busier, and Librarian Libations has fallen by the wayside. If you’re an energetic librarian who loves organizing bar nights for your colleagues, we hope you’ll pick up the torch and start anew where we left off.


Librarian Libations is a great place to meet current and future NY metro-area librarians & information professionals, including students from all local schools. Come to our informal hangout for drinks, conversation, and networking.

Since October 2011, this event has drawn a diverse crowd of students and professionals from all disciplines to talk shop, jobs, and what being a librarian can mean today. Students and professional members of all associations and groups are invited in order to broaden networks, make new acquaintances and open up new employment opportunities.

Librarian Libations is held on the second Friday of each month. at The Beauty Bar from 6-9 PM. For exact dates of past & future events, please check out our Calendar.